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Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design

Visualised in 3D to prove the concept.

We employ the latest 3D modelling software to design your equipment so you can take a 3D ‘virtual tour’ and allow you to break it down into its core components and rebuild it as you would when it’s finally constructed. In our experience, 3D modelling has proved to be a very efficient means of demonstrating our understanding of your needs, and enables you to visualise the finished setup.

Vessel Design

Strata has considerable experience in the design and manufacture of bespoke pressure vessels, reactors and autoclaves to match specific requirements that off-the-shelf vessels simply cannot achieve. All our vessels are fully PED-compliant, and are designed in accordance with recognised codes such as PD5500 and ASME VIII.

We work with a wide range of metallic materials, from low alloy steels to exotic high-nickel alloys – with surface treatments where necessary – as well as glass, plastics and fibre composites. Our experience of sealing media covers everything from elastomer rings through gaskets to metal seals. We can advise you on appropriate means for over-pressure/temperature protection. Ergonomics and fitness for purpose are also fully considered during the design phase to ensure that vessels are easy and simple to use, from the very small (a few millilitres) to pilot scale (>1m³).

Bench Top, Skid and Pilot Plant Design

We start by reviewing where the piece of equipment will be located and understanding your space constraints. For pilot plants and skid units, this could either be an internal or external location, perhaps even in a marine environment. Bench top units are usually located within an extracted enclosure either self-contained or in a fume cupboard. Large components such as vessels and pumps are then modelled and laid out in accordance with the P&ID and their operating parameters, e.g. head requirements for pumps, straight pipe runs for flow meters, etc. The framework is then modelled around the components, providing the necessary support and access for personnel. Once completed, you can take a virtual 3D tour to get a good understanding of the final layout.

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