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Following a tried and tested process.

Commissioning of bespoke equipment follows a tried and tested process, always considering the safety of those directly involved and others who may also be affected.

Mechanical Commissioning

All safety devices and pressure equipment that are not rated to the Test Pressure are removed from the equipment and connections blanked off. The pressure is then gradually increased, using inert gases/fluids such as nitrogen or water, with leaks being detected and eliminated. The Test Pressure is maintained within the system for a minimum of 30 minutes and the equipment integrity is certified by one of our UKAS-accredited inspectors. The safety devices, which are inspected and verified separately, and pressure equipment are then replaced and the equipment taken up to the Working Pressure, where any further leaks are detected and eliminated. The final installation is then checked by one of our inspectors.

Electrical Commissioning

Once the wiring checks are complete, all fuses within the electrical panel are removed before mains power is connected to the electrical rack. In a systematic approach, fuses are replaced one-by-one while carrying out loop checking.

Safety alarms and executive actions are then tested in accordance with the trip schedule. Where process conditions cannot achieve the trip condition, the measurement is simulated using calibrated signal generators.

Control System Validation

Once the mechanical and electrical commissioning is complete if applicable to the particular process, the control system is commissioned, again using inert gases/fluids such as nitrogen or water. Instrumentation and control valves are calibrated and control loops tuned.

Process Commissioning

Final commissioning starts with removing all inert gases/fluids and replacing them with process gases/fluids. The plant is operated as per the user requirements and final calibrations to control loops and instruments are carried out, if required. The equipment is then ready for handover and operator training.

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