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Commercialisation of Research

Commercialisation of Research

We’ll help you get your product to market.

We’re an in-house team of highly experienced engineers and technicians and can bring your product to market quicker and more cheaply than through spin-off companies. We’ll also ensure compliance with all relevant legislation including Health and Safety requirements.

Through our strong association with academia to develop one-off bespoke installations, we’ve had various opportunities to take research projects and turn them into viable products, which Strata has marketed and sold on behalf of customers, where required.

If you’ve already set up a spin-off company but are struggling to get your product over the line, we also offer consulting engineering services to support your in-house team to resolve any technical issues, ensure appropriate compliance with legislation and support your sales and marketing plans.

If you have a product you’re keen to bring to market or if you’re in the process of bringing a product to market and need the input of highly knowledgeable process, mechanical and/or electrical engineers then get in touch with us today!

Recent projects

University of Nottingham Hydropyrolysis (HyPy) Rig.

University of Cambridge Multi-Pass Rheometer (MPR).

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Talk to us about your next project.

Call us on (0)1932 732340 or complete the form and we’ll be in touch.

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