Wafer Mixer

Wafer Mixer

Designed to solve space and mixing problems, the patented Komax Wafer Type Static Mixer should be used when line space is limited for installing a traditional static mixer. The Wafer mixer can be installed between the two pipe flanges in the main water stream.

Advantages of the Komax Wafer Static Mixer over traditional mixers:

  • Able to clamp between existing pipe flanges
  • Up to three injection ports
  • Patented vortex generating element technology
  • Clog-resistant counter-flow injection
  • Sizes available from 4″ to 60″ nominal diameter
  • Available in standard materials of construction: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, PVC, FRP, and can also be made out of Titanium or speciality alloys as required
  • Low capital cost, no moving parts, maintenance free, low head loss and long service life

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