Triple Action Static Mixer

Triple Action Static Mixer

The Komax, Triple Action Mixer gives you the highest level of mixing of any static mixer. The mixers feature very high mixing efficiency with short mixing length. The Komax Triple Action Mixer is motionless and gives high efficiency through triple action mixing.

This static mixer is designed for use where additives to the main pipeline flow have already been added upstream of the mixer. There is a simple three-step design procedure, which is shown below and allows the rapid choice of:

  1. Line size
  2. Number of mixing elements
  3. Pressure drop

These mixers can be supplied with two, three or four mixing elements and materials of construction include carbon steel, 316 stainless steel, PVC and fibreglass.

The Triple Action Mixer also includes a unique flow straightener which is built into each mixer to eradicate any downstream centrifugal effects, allowing sensing probes to be located directly downstream of the unit.

It is possible to purchase custom configurations of the Komax Triple Action Mixer which include multiple ports, different end fittings including grooved and plain ends, and different style mixing elements.

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Advantages Of The Triple Action Mixer