Steam Heater – Scepter Tank Heater

Scepter Tank Heater

Scepter Tank Heater – Direct Injection Steam Tank Heater

The Scepter tank heater is a versatile series of steam heaters designed for direct injection of steam into tanks for heating water compatible products in a vibration free, quiet and 100% efficient fashion.

Furthermore, the Sceptre tank heater develops a strong stirring action to help keep any solids or particulates in suspension. This stirring action also helps to produce uniform temperature throughout the tank volume allowing accurate thermostatic control. The tank heater is constructed of type 316 stainless steel the standard Steam Heater Scepter™ Tank Heaters are available in one inch through ten-inch pipe sizes and may be mounted in a tank from above, below or with a side port configuration. They are available with threaded pipe connections for the steam from one inch through three-inch pipe sizes.

150 lb. RFSO flanged connections available on all sizes. Each sceptre tank heater employs a special Komax® module via a pipe having a diameter about 2/3 of the Equalizer® outside diameter. When inserted into a tank of liquid the momentum of the exiting steam draws the liquid into the perimeter of the module surrounding the steam inlet. Water and steam are divided and mixed by the mixing elements in each of the module holes and exit as a set of co-rotating vortexes. These form multiple impingement mixing zones at the exit of the mixing module to produce complete contacting of steam and the product to be heated in a low noise and low vibration fashion. No auxiliary air supply is required for quiet operation.

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