Heat Exchanger


Grasp the power of heat with the Komax Klean-Wall™ Heat Exchanger.

Saving energy is a huge problem for organisations across industry lines and heat exchangers were designed to utilise as much of that energy as possible, although, sometimes they are not quite as efficient as they could be. Komax Systems has implemented state of the art technology to the world of heat exchangers, ensuring you have the best possible system in the industry.

Efficiency – Redefined

  • If you are looking for high-efficiency ratings you are not alone. Choosing the Klean-Wall Heat Exchanger Technology means a 300% increase over the standard slurry heaters/tube and shell exchangers. The heat exchanger can typically be installed in a circulation loop for large digester heaters, reducing retention time by up to 50%.
  • Other advantages of this sludge heater technology include:
  • No clogging! The Komax Klean-Wall System can pass debris up to 50% of the diameter of the pipe, even stringy rope-like debris without plugging.
  • Eliminates Wall Buildup! Municipal sludge and other materials can pack those walls thick, but the Komax Klean-Wall efficiency does not degrade over time, and the high level of turbulence at the boundary walls helps eliminate that constant build up. The turbulent sludge is constantly scavenging the wall surface to help eliminate fouling.
  • Increased Bacteriological Activity! You are going to see a real increase in bacteriological activity and improved digesting thanks to the shearing and sludge mixing.
  • No Cleaning Required! This heat exchanger should never require cleaning, but if you want to do a bit of preventative cleaning to set your mind at ease, the unique Komax Hi-Pass design means a clear pathway down the centreline for your hydro-rod.

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The core of our heat exchanger is already in use in thousands of instalments across the world, proving its reliability every single day, even in severe sludge applications.

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