Channel Mixer

Channel mixer

The Channel Mixer created by Komax is designed to be installed in large scale water treatment channels of any cross section including open and closed ducts. The low-pressure drop design can be supplied in various components for an onsite assembly where access can be limited or as a fully assembled mixer. As an example, a mixer requiring on-site assembly can be erected in less than eight man-hours (in a ten foot by ten-foot duct)

Mixing Efficiency – In Field Testing 98%

Please contact Komax for designs specifications on the channel mixer. Our engineers are prepared to design a complete Motionless Mixer system for your application.

Chlorine Contacting Mixer – City of Denver Colorado WWTP

Flow 165 MGD – Stainless Steel Static Mixer 10′ X 10′ X 35′

Reduced Chlorine Consumption 50% with 100% Energy Savings

Mixing Efficiency – in field testing 0.02 COV.

Interested? Get in touch with us here or call +44 (0)1932 732340 and we will be happy to help answer your questions and provide you with further information.

For a very slow velocity channel

Very slow velocity channel