Rocking Hydrates Evaluation Rig

Rocking Hydrates Evaluation Rig - Hydrate Formation


The Rocking Hydrates Evaluation Rig has been designed and manufactured exclusively by Strata Technology. The unit comes as a self-contained module and can be mounted on a bench or in a fume cupboard if required. A motorised rocking mechanism is attached to the reaction cell, which has a high pressure sapphire window for visual examination, plus the option of an endoscope camera, compact monitor and video to allow image recording.


  • Investigate the effectiveness of preventative inhibitor chemicals or
  • Investigate the conditions required for Hydrate formation or
  • Investigate alternative methods of dispersion

Key features

  • Can be operated at fixed volume or fixed pressure
  • Sapphire cell windows to allow visual observation of formation
  • Gas/Liquid contact conditions simulated by use of pellet
  • High pressure operation
  • Agglomeration detection via motion sensors
  • Accurate temperature measurement with real time data logging
  • Compact self-contained isothermal cabinet (optional)
  • Integrated heating and cooling circuits

Operating Conditions

  • Reactor cell volume – 37mL
  • Operating temperature range down to 1°C
  • Temperature accuracy to +/- 0.5°C
  • Operating pressure to 170 barg
  • Optional variable speed motor to alter rocking rate

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