Model 6500-M Friction Flow Mini-Loop™

The Model 6500-M Mini-Loop™ patent pending benchtop design allows rapid test turn-around for the repeat testing of stimulation fluids. The Mini Flow Loop circulates fluid through a single test section and uses custom Chandler Engineering software to record and analyze the test data. This enables reliable testing in a simple to operate, compact system. The unit is ideal for Quality Control Testing of Slick Water Fracturing Fluids.

The Mini Flow Loop system incorporates a low shear, progressive cavity pump for circulation of base fluids. A differential pressure transmitter measures the friction pressure across the test section. The friction reducing agent is added directly into the five gallon reservoir mixing tank.

The Chandler software is designed to be user-friendly and collects all required data during the test cycle for use in friction reduction calculations. Data may be stored in a test-specific .CSV file for analysis.

Model 6500-2800
Optional add-on module to enable real time display of flow rate and fluid density.

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