Model 5400 Dynamic Scale Deposition Loop System

The Chandler Engineering 5400 Dynamic Scale Deposition Loop is a fully automated system which includes the necessary hardware and software to measure and evaluate the performance of scale inhibitors under high temperature and high-pressure conditions.

The system consists of a test section of tubing placed within a convection oven providing exceptional temperature uniformity. Samples are pumped through the tubing at known rates while measuring the differential pressure across the test section. Scale formation inside the test section is indicated by an increase in differential pressure. Once the pressure reaches an adjustable threshold value, the test is complete and a pre-programmed clean-up phase automatically begins.

Prior to the test section, two lengths of coiled tubing inside the oven are used to pre-heat the samples to the pre-determined test temperature. A manual set-point back pressure regulator is used to create the sample pressure inside the test section. The fluids are transported through tubing using three HPLC pumps, for anion, cation and scale dissolver. Provisions exist for system flushing through the pumps using water.

All data and test parameters are stored in a .CSV fie ready for analysis and the easy-to-use software is designed to give the operator control over flow rate, test time, fluid selection and temperature of each individual test.

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