Core Holder & Core Flooding Rig for Micro CT Core Analysis

Core flooding rig and core holder

Through our strong relationships with our customers, we are able to understand their desires for new cutting edge technology to allow them to advance their research beyond what they can currently achieve.

Our unique position in this respect has led us to develop the world’s first commercially available Core Holder & Core Flooding Rig Micro CT Core Analysis applications, which will allow scientists to undertake Micro CT Core analysis on samples whilst flooding experiments are taking place, rather than analysing core samples before and after flooding experiments and looking for differences, which is the current well-established practice.

Our Core Holder and Flooding Rig can be integrated into both new and existing Micro CT instruments and the rig has been developed with the following technical specification:

  • Core Diameter: 5mm or 10mm
  • Core Length: up to 60mm
  • Confining Pressure: 345 barG (5000 psi)
  • Working Temperature: 150°C (302°F)
  • Core Holder: Aluminium Alloy / Carbon Fibre
  • Process Fluid Flow Rate (minimum): Equivalent to 4ml/hour on a standard 38mm core

Click here to download the Core Holder & Core Flooding Rig for Micro CT Applications leaflet.

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