Nuclear Engineering Decommissioning – Our Journey Into The Civil Nuclear Sector

Fit 4 Nuclear – Fit 4 Business

Strata Technology is well established within the Global Energy Sector through support of the oil and gas industry and as such diversification into the Civil Nuclear field presented a natural progression and a logical next step.

With an expanding UK Civil Nuclear New build and De-commissioning programme the opportunity to enhance Strata’s capabilities, influence and exposure within the Civil Nuclear arena – leveraging existing bespoke specialist engineering, process and project management capability – presented itself.

In anticipation of the rigorous demands and with the goal to both meet and drive standards, and improve the skills base and knowledge, the business decision was made to participate in the Fit 4 Nuclear programme.

Fit 4 Nuclear is not a formal qualification but a journey of business improvement. Strata engaged with this programme back in October 2015, and has followed through a rigorous process of both self and formal external assessments, on site verification and external review supported by Nuclear Specialists.

Review against demanding criteria for business Strategy and Leadership; Design and Project Management; People and Process Excellence; Health, Safety and Environment and Quality Management drove a gap analysis with a resultant action plan overseen by Nuclear AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) and MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service). The resulting action plan has included targeted funding, Continuous Improvement Projects and specialist training, supported by the National Skills Academy – Nuclear, amongst others.

Whilst the goal of “Fit 4 Nuclear” status has been successfully achieved and confirmed by Nuclear AMRC in June 2016, the true benefit of such an endeavour rests substantially in the continuous driving of standards, enhancement of the skills base and the knowledge of the whole Strata Business. Success is the onward journey, not a destination and ultimately the benefit is to all our current and future customers and partners.

Read what Managing Director Dr Roger Kimber had to say about our F4N status on page 14 of Nuclear AMRC news.

Nuclear AMRC’s new F4N Connect interactive portal links nuclear buyers with nuclear-ready suppliers they can trust, connecting companies working on nuclear projects with suitable suppliers and subcontractors.

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