Experts within Academia

Working with some of the world’s leading universities, Strata has a track history of developing one-off bespoke installations for the advancement of research in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner, whilst ensuring that the equipment meets all relevant directives, including current health, safety and environmental requirements.

Strata have also worked in collaboration with universities such as Cambridge and Nottingham to take research concepts and commercialise them into viable products, bringing them to market quicker, more cheaply and more cost-effectively than through a spin-off company.

Together, everyone achieves more.

From brainwave to reality – Strata designs and builds research equipment to enable scientists’ harebrained ideas for new chemical processes or novel physical measurements to progress from a brainwave, through proof of concept and into reality – as either a pilot scale chemical process or physical-property measurement rig.

Paul Fisher, Senior Technologist, Strata Technology.