Our unique combination of process, mechanical and electrical engineers and mechanical, electrical and process control technicians, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience, allow us to operate across a wide variety of markets and industries including; Process Industries, Energy & Renewables (covering Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Renewables and Waste Treatment), Academia and Laboratory Solutions. For more information on these markets click the links below.

Strata operates globally, this has given us the freedom to be flexible for our clients. We offer onsite installation (aftercare, service plans, maintenance and spare part packages) or you can send your equipment/products to us where we can work on within our workshop units across 2 sites. Our largest client (in the Oil & Gas sector) has an onsite team looking after their design, build, installation, development, commission, inspect and maintenance needs.

We truly are the master of all trades and the jack of none within our sphere of designing, building, installing, commissioning, maintaining and inspecting custom-made laboratory equipment, skid mounted rigs and pilot plants.

If we do not list your market that does not mean that we cannot support you! So why not get in touch with us and find out just how much we can help you.