Plant Design Build By Our Engineers

The project management team will collaborate with you from start to completion ensuring the build is on time, within scope and to your complete customer satisfaction.

Once you have confirmed the plant design will meet your needs, drawings are finalised and long-lead items are purchased without delay. The build phase generally starts with the framework and our in-house team of qualified welders will build frames for small scale equipment, but for larger skids and pilot plants the framework will be sourced from specialist manufacturers. As the framework forms the skeleton of the build, constant consideration is given to the layout, with input from the design engineers throughout the build process.

The largest components are installed first, followed by others in order of decreasing size. Vibration, lagging and future maintenance requirements are always considered when the components are located on the framework. The components are then connected by pipework, with joints being compression fittings, flanges, welds or special fittings, depending on the duty. Our mechanical technicians ensure pipework is laid out efficiently and tidily.

During the mechanical build, the electrical racks are wired up in accordance with the 18th Edition (BS 7671:2018) and thoroughly checked. The final connection of instruments, heating jackets, pumps and other components are made, and the rig is then ready to undergo commissioning and, if required, factory acceptance testing.

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