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New partnership services European Hemp and Cannabis market

New partnership services European Hemp and Cannabis market

Strata Technology, headquartered in Sunbury-on-Thames, UK is delighted to announce its partnership with Chemtech Services, Inc.

Based in Illinois, USA, Chemtech Services, Inc., has appointed Strata as the exclusive European distributor and manufacturer for its distillation and ancillary equipment technology.

Both Chemtech and Strata have extensive industry-wide expertise in the design and manufacture of chemical processing equipment including laboratory, pilot plant and commercial-scale systems. As one of the UK’s leading specialist engineering companies, Strata is pleased to have been approached and appointed Chemtech’s exclusive European partner for its industry-renowned distillation systems.

As part of its marketing strategy, Strata has developed a new brand – Spectrum Technology – to promote and market Chemtech’s innovative distillation equipment. Operating under the brand name of Spectrum Technology, Strata has recently launched a new website to exclusively promote and market Chemtech’s distillation and processing systems to the rapidly growing Hemp and Medical Cannabis industries in Europe for the production of high-purity CBD oil and THC oil.

See our range of Distillation Systems

Commenting on the new partnership, Strata’s Head of Products, Sales & Marketing, Mira Jangra said:

“Working with Chemtech Services has provided new opportunities for Strata and, with the newly-launched Spectrum Technology website, we are looking forward to promoting Chemtech’s wide range of high-quality distillation systems here in the UK and across Europe.”

According to Chemtech’s Nick Wagner:

“Chemtech recognises that the European CBD oil market is rapidly gaining traction, with the deregulation of cannabis for recreational use likely to follow. This means that whilst the current market mainly imports oils from outside of Europe, the market growth will encourage more local producers and processors who are looking to create more products, to meet the increasing demand. Our partnership with Strata and its sub-brand, Spectrum Technology, will enable us to meet the needs of European customers beyond our base in North America.”

For additional information contact us via the Spectrum Technology website.

Portable MEG reclamation demonstration plant destined for Gulf of Mexico

Portable MEG reclamation demonstration plant destined for Gulf of Mexico

For the past two years, Strata has been working with a leading technology innovator to the global energy industry on a project to deliver a portable demonstration unit to demonstrate and validate Dynamic Cross Flow Filtration (DCF) for the removal of salts and other solids from rich MEG process streams.

Monoethylene glycol (MEG) is an important raw material for industrial applications and is widely used by the oil and gas industries as a reagent for hydrate inhibition in wellheads and pipelines. If recovered, regenerated and reinjected, it minimises both operating and environmental costs surrounding MEG disposal and replacement, which can save millions of dollars annually.

Strata was commissioned to design and supply a portable DCF test unit which could be fitted into a standard 20ft shipping container, fully certified for transportation and operation in hazardous areas. The minimum requirement to be met was Hazardous Area Class 1, Zone 2, IIA, T3.

In April 2017, Strata began work on designing, assembling and supplying a containerised DCF test unit to the required DNV 2.7.2 standards.

Overcoming challenges

One of the biggest challenges Strata had to overcome was understanding and implementing the design and build requirements under DNV 2.7.2 (Strata’s first project needing to meet these standards) and sourcing suitable equipment which would meet the ATEX requirement for the project.

Involving Strata staff across projects, process, procurement, workshop, quality and Health & Safety, the successful delivery of this project required regular communication and teamwork across all departments and disciplines.

The team opened a dialogue with DNV and kept in regular contact to ensure the project was progressing per their standards, as well as DNV verification of proposed equipment documentation before any purchases were made. Keeping open communication channels with both DNV and the client throughout the life of the project was a key part of the successful delivery.

Speaking about the project, Dr Roger Kimber, Managing Director, Strata Technology said:

“The client’s support throughout the project over the past two years has been key in delivering this monumental project. The build of the Demonstration Plant brought new challenges to the business, ones which were fundamental to the delivery of the project and it’s fantastic to see how my staff have worked together to overcome the challenges we faced. We are very proud of the end result and look forward to seeing the Demonstration Plant go into action.”

The demonstration plant underwent successful (FAT) Factory Acceptance Testing and after trials at the customer’s own dedicated MEG reclamation R&D facility in the UK, the containerised unit will be shipped to Houston and deployed on to offshore drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

If you have a project we can help you with, drop us an email or contact us here.

Strata delivers carbon capture project for University of Nottingham

Strata delivers carbon capture project for University of Nottingham

Strata is delighted to announce the successful delivery of another exciting new project for the University of Nottingham, supported by the government’s UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) initiative.

The University of Nottingham is part of the government-funded Energy Research Accelerator (ERA), a cross-disciplinary and multi-partner energy research hub in the Midlands. University of Nottingham’s main area of research for carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS), is in the capture of carbon before it’s released into the atmosphere. This includes using new, high-capacity adsorbents which capture CO2 either pre or post-combustion.

The project brief was for the design and supply of circulating and bubbling fluidised-bed systems (CFB and BFB) for testing new adsorbents for CO2 capture on a 5-20 kg scale using simulated and actual flue gases.

Having executed numerous projects for the University of Nottingham in the past, Strata was delighted to be invited to tender for this new project and, having been successful, officially began work on 27th April 2018.

Strata was to design, manufacture and assemble the plant on-site, including commissioning of the equipment and training University of Nottingham staff on its use by 7th December 2018 – only 9 months from receipt of the order!

Involving Strata staff across projects, process, procurement, workshop, quality and Health & Safety, the successful delivery of this project required communication and teamwork across all departments and disciplines.

Overcoming challenges

One of the biggest challenges the team faced was aligning the client’s design expectations with our intended scope of supply, taking into account our relatively limited knowledge of the process. By regularly communicating with the client to review progress and status, we were able to incorporate some design changes along the way. Discussions around design, safety and any issues arising meant the client was fully involved throughout the project timeline.

The team were also using off-the-shelf equipment such as compressors, rotary valves and expansion joints to try to deliver against bespoke applications. Our solution was to have these items modified at the machinists, essentially customising stock products.

Another challenging aspect was the distance from the workshop to site and the length of onsite time required to complete the assembly/installation, fulfil the welding requirements and the lifting operations. Staff were timetabled to maintain a healthy work/life balance, we sourced welders with the required codings to attend site on a day rate and put a manual lifting plan in place to negate the cost of hire and training using heavy lifting equipment.

To accommodate some third-party delivery delays, we built time into the project plans to enable final delivery on schedule.

Speaking about the project, Professor Colin E. Snape, Director of EPSRC Centre of Doctoral Training in CCS and Cleaner Fossil Energy from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham said:

“We have worked with Strata for a number of years and therefore had confidence and trust in their ability to build and delivery this rig. The solids looping adsorption rig is essential for taking forward our findings on developing new adsorbents for CO2 capture on their pathway to commercialisation. The rig gives us the flexibility and capability to test a number of formulations or our adsorbents on a scale up to 20 kg which is essential for planning the next stage in their development of moving to demonstration plants.”

What lies ahead

Building our knowledge to enable better work relationships and ways of working from each project is one of the things that sets us apart from our competition, and this project has helped to define our future ways of working in several key areas:

  • Ensure a clear understanding of all requirements and all aspects of the scope of work are fully defined and agreed from the outset
  • Understand how any working outside of Strata’s workshop will impact project cost and duration
  • Fully investigate the integration of off-the-shelf kit into the plant before committing to the equipment
  • Ensure realistic timeframes are adopted

Read the UKRI project overview for Step Change Adsorbents and Processes for CO2 Capture here.

If you have a project we can help you with, drop us an email or contact us here.

Strata expands product portfolio with distribution hat trick

Strata expands product portfolio with distribution hat trick

Strata Technology is pleased to announce its appointment as the sole distributor for Komax International in the UK and Europe. Komax has led the industry in static mixing technology since 1973 and offers a diverse range of Static Mixers, Steam Heaters, Desuperheaters and Heat Exchangers. Talking about the new distribution agreement, Suzanne L. Smith, President/CEO of Komax said, “Komax Systems, Inc. is happy to announce the addition of Strata Technology Ltd as our agents to the UK & Europe distribution, and we look forward to working with them to serve our customers in those regions.”

Strata has also added to the suite of products available from US-based Chandler Engineering; Strata is a long-standing distributor for Chandler Engineering, one of the world’s largest supplier of instruments for testing oil, gas and geothermal well cements, and a pioneer in developing and manufacturing oilfield cement test equipment since 1949.

Alongside the Quizix Pump, Strata’s portfolio of Chandler products now includes the Model 6500 Flow loop, 6500-M Mini Flow loop, 5400 Scale Deposition instrument and 3000 PVT and Ancillary equipment.

CBD oil and botanicals

To complete the hat trick, Chemtech Services, Inc., of Illinois, has appointed Strata the exclusive European distributor and manufacturer (under licence) for its short-path and rolled-film distillation and ancillary equipment technology which is particularly suited to the hemp and medical cannabis industries for high-purity CBD and THC oil, but it is equally effective for the distillation of other botanicals.

Mira Jangra, Sales & Marketing Manager at Strata Technology said, “We are excited to be working with Chemtech Services, Komax Systems and to have expanded the Chandler range of products. Here at Strata, our focus is always on meeting the needs of the customer, so being able to offer such an expansive range of products is fantastic. This will enable us to better serve our customers and, being UK based, means we are easily accessible and local enough to ensure the customer’s technical requirements are met with the right equipment.”

To find out more, request a quotation or to see the full range of products please click here.

Strata collaborates on Cranfield University pilot plant

Strata collaborates on Cranfield University pilot plant

Strata is delighted to announce its involvement in an exciting new project at Cranfield University.

In March 2017, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) announced £125m of UK Government investment in new state-of-the-art facilities to upgrade the nation’s infrastructure, with facilities being developed at 11 UK universities as part of the UK Collaboratorium for Research on Infrastructure and Cities (UKCRIC).

Cranfield University is playing a key role in this resiliency initiative with investments being made on two separate campus locations. One of the main campus investments will be made to provide:

  • a sensor testing facility for exploring the engineering resilience of urban water systems
  • a test area dedicated to the development and testing of ‘point of use’ water treatment technologies
  • an Infrastructure Breakthrough Innovation Hub with mixed use areas for design, rapid prototyping, and testing
  • a data visualisation suite providing access to data feeds from infrastructure across campus – including from the two pilot halls
  • walk-in access to utility infrastructure located under the road to the east of the building.

As part of this resiliency initiative, Cranfield University requires a drinking water treatment pilot plant suitable for testing continuous treatment of water for research purposes. This pilot plant will allow testing of processes to purify wastewater into potable water, ultimately to reduce our usage of fresh water, benefit the environment and reduce water shortages caused by drought. Once complete, this will be the first facility of its kind in the UK.

Strata received the invitation to tender in March 2018 for the process, mechanical and electrical design, procurement, installation and commissioning of the completed rig. The project officially began in September 2018 with a projected completion date of September 2019 for the formal handover to the University to commence their internal trials.

At this point (April 2019) we are well into the build phase; the two-storey platform has been installed in Cranfield’s new purpose-built Pilot Hall. The electrical and mechanical build of the two process feed skids are underway in our workshop.

This project has already presented a number of challenges to the Strata team including managing the installation of a multi-storey frame into the new Pilot Hall, whilst the building was still being finalised, and utilising modular construction techniques in our own factory to manufacture easily transportable skid units, to ensure that the delivery timescale remains achievable.

We’ll post updates and photos as work progresses so watch this space or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter!

For more detailed information on this project:

Read the Cranfield University press release here

Read the EPSRC press release here

Growing Confidence From Fit For Nuclear (F4N) Companies

Growing Confidence From Fit For Nuclear (F4N) Companies

Strata was one of 116 companies that recently took part in the Nuclear AMRC’s Impact Survey 2018 of companies who are either progressing through the process or are already granted full Fit for Nuclear (F4N) status.89% of participants would recommend Fit for Nuclear (F4N) to other manufacturers and 57% reported both increased confidence and greater awareness of opportunities within the nuclear market. Significantly, 91% expected turnover to grow in the next 12 months and 21% have already won new orders in nuclear.

Fit For Nuclear

Strata’s Managing Director, Dr Roger Kimber commented, “Overall, Fit for Nuclear has been a fantastic scheme which has certainly helped to develop and improve the business. I am hopeful that more recent developments, such as the F4N Connect portal, will improve our chances of winning work in the nuclear sector.”

Nuclear AMRC is continuing to develop the Fit for Nuclear (F4N) programme and provide extra support to UK manufacturers so we would urge any SME’s interested in supplying the nuclear industry to find out more about the F4N programme here.

Read more about the report findings on the Nuclear Industry Association’s website.

Or download the 2018 F4N impact survey report via Nuclear AMRC’s website.

Visit our Accreditations Page.

Join Team Strata at EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2018

Join Team Strata at EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2018

The European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE) is holding its 80th annual conference in Copenhagen, Denmark from 11th to 14th June, which this year will concentrate on the theme of “Opportunities presented by the energy transition”.

Strata Technology will be exhibiting a number of its standard products, including the DCP50 Pump and Core Flooding Rig and Core Holder for Micro CT Applications which have been developed working in close association with scientists and engineers actively working on improvement projects within the oil and gas industries.

The Strata-designed DCP50 Pump will be of particular interest to any companies looking to replace an old Pharmacia P-500 pump, so do visit Dr Roger Kimber on Strata’s booth to find out more about DCP50.

EAGE registration closes soon so if you still need to register, click here

Visit our Accreditations Page.

Meet us at Nuclear Solutions Exhibition, April 26th

Meet us at Nuclear Solutions Exhibition, April 26th

Team Strata will be joining 80+ nuclear focused suppliers at Nuclear Solutions Exhibition 2018 at Birchwood Park, Warrington this April.

The one-day show is free to enter and includes live demonstrations, over 80 exhibitors together with a complimentary lunch (who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch?!). And there’s no need to pre register to attend.

Presented in association with North West Nuclear Forum and Birchwood Forum, Nuclear Solutions Exhibition will give you the opportunity to meet technical specialists, connect with the Tier 2 and Tier 3 nuclear community and explore cutting edge nuclear-focused technologies.

Strata is delighted to be taking part in Nuclear Solutions and showcasing its specialist engineering, process and project management capabilities within the nuclear decommissioning sector, and we look forward to meeting you there.

Visit our Accreditations Page.

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