Gas to Liquid (GTL) Pilot Plant

Gas to Liquid (GTL) Pilot Plant

Strata was approached by BP’s technology centre based in Sunbury-on-Thames to design and build a Gas to Liquid (GTL) pilot plant to complement their wider Gas to Products (GTP) development programme.

Key Features

  • Fully automated
  • Facility for remote monitoring
  • Modular and fully mobile for transportation to other locations
  • Lower risk than the Nikiski scale

The bank of eight microreactors are fully automated, enabling the hardware to be operated in multiple ways, for example by controlling temperature profiles or automatically adjusting process conditions to achieve a pre-set syngas conversion target, and enable rapid testing of catalyst formulations for long run times.

Members of the GTP team can even login remotely to monitor activity in a catalyst trial from their laptops. The reactors are modularised and fully mobile so they could be quickly transported to other locations if required.

The microreactors are very effective in screening new catalysts at much lower risk than the Nikiski scale – in the new microreactors the catalyst beds are around 250mm tall compared with the 20m-high catalyst bed at Nikiski.

Barry Nay
Catalyst Discovery & Development Specialist
BP Technology Centre

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