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Supporting the UK’s net zero ambitions

Net zero

Supporting the UK’s net zero ambitions

As a business, Strata has been at the forefront of engineering expertise since its inception in 1998, working alongside commercial partners and academic institutions to design, manufacture, commission, inspect and maintain bespoke equipment across a wide range of sectors.

With increasing attention focused on reducing, recycling and discovering new ways to reduce our global carbon emissions, Strata has expanded its engineering expertise into the field of nuclear and emerging green technologies.

Net zero CO2

Carbon capture

Recent projects have included working alongside the University of Nottingham to deliver a challenging carbon capture pilot plant, supported by the government’s UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) initiative and an IChemE award-winning carbon capture pilot plant for Imperial College London.

In our latest project, we’re part of a UK-led consortium to accelerate the development of carbon capture systems, in this case Direct Air Capture (DAC), which involves removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it permanently where it cannot contribute further to climate change. Strata’s carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) expertise and process development experience will be put to good use as part of this project led by Sizewell C and funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Award. Where Strata’s design differs from existing DAC technology is in its increased efficiency with less reliance on electricity.

Cutting waste

Strata is a qualified Fit 4 Nuclear business, ready to support the UK’s nuclear new build and decommissioning programmes, and has worked with several commercial clients to reduce their impact on the environment through innovative waste reduction and recovery processes, including waste water recycling.

Our new website launched in December 2021 and repositions the business as engineering and technical specialists with broad skills which can be applied to meet the needs of new green technologies, including carbon capture, direct air capture and waste reduction to support the UK achieving the Government’s net zero ambitions.

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