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Portable MEG reclamation demonstration plant destined for Gulf of Mexico

Portable MEG reclamation demonstration plant destined for Gulf of Mexico

For the past two years, Strata has been working with a leading technology innovator to the global energy industry on a project to deliver a portable demonstration unit to demonstrate and validate Dynamic Cross Flow Filtration (DCF) for the removal of salts and other solids from rich MEG process streams.

Monoethylene glycol (MEG) is an important raw material for industrial applications and is widely used by the oil and gas industries as a reagent for hydrate inhibition in wellheads and pipelines. If recovered, regenerated and reinjected, it minimises both operating and environmental costs surrounding MEG disposal and replacement, which can save millions of dollars annually.

Strata was commissioned to design and supply a portable DCF test unit which could be fitted into a standard 20ft shipping container, fully certified for transportation and operation in hazardous areas. The minimum requirement to be met was Hazardous Area Class 1, Zone 2, IIA, T3.

In April 2017, Strata began work on designing, assembling and supplying a containerised DCF test unit to the required DNV 2.7.2 standards.

Overcoming challenges

One of the biggest challenges Strata had to overcome was understanding and implementing the design and build requirements under DNV 2.7.2 (Strata’s first project needing to meet these standards) and sourcing suitable equipment which would meet the ATEX requirement for the project.

Involving Strata staff across projects, process, procurement, workshop, quality and Health & Safety, the successful delivery of this project required regular communication and teamwork across all departments and disciplines.

The team opened a dialogue with DNV and kept in regular contact to ensure the project was progressing per their standards, as well as DNV verification of proposed equipment documentation before any purchases were made. Keeping open communication channels with both DNV and the client throughout the life of the project was a key part of the successful delivery.

Speaking about the project, Dr Roger Kimber, Managing Director, Strata Technology said:

“The client’s support throughout the project over the past two years has been key in delivering this monumental project. The build of the Demonstration Plant brought new challenges to the business, ones which were fundamental to the delivery of the project and it’s fantastic to see how my staff have worked together to overcome the challenges we faced. We are very proud of the end result and look forward to seeing the Demonstration Plant go into action.”

The demonstration plant underwent successful (FAT) Factory Acceptance Testing and after trials at the customer’s own dedicated MEG reclamation R&D facility in the UK, the containerised unit will be shipped to Houston and deployed on to offshore drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

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