A successful transition to ISO 45001

As defined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), ISO 45001 is the new international  standard for health and safety at work developed by national and international standards committees, completely independent of government.

The main differences between the two standards of OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001 are set out here, or to find out more visit the ISO.org website.

ISO 45001 logo

ISO 45001 represents a significant shift in thinking, where health and safety management becomes part of running a sound business, rather than a separate, standalone element.

Introduced in March 2018, businesses accredited to OHSAS 18001 have until 12th March 2021 to make the transition to ISO 45001:2018, the new accredited occupational health and safety management standard.

Here at Strata Technology, we’re delighted to announce that we have already achieved ISO 45001 for Health and Safety and our new certificate can be viewed in the Downloads sections.

Commenting on Strata’s achievement, Managing Director, Dr Roger Kimber said:

Successful transition to ISO 45001 certification reaffirms Strata is a safe place to operate for our staff and wider stakeholders.

“We remain committed to protecting our staff and reducing our impact on the environment and urge other businesses to work toward their ISO certification. If your business needs to transition from OHSAS 18001, we’d be very happy to talk you through our journey.”