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Sharing industry news and insights, project updates and low carbon stories. For regular updates, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • IChemE Global Awards

    The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) Global Awards 2017, held in partnership with Johnson Matthey and Wood, celebrate and recognise excellence in chemical engineering worldwide. We are delighted that Imperial College London’s impressive Carbon Capture Pilot Plant, which was designed by Strata Technology, triumphed in the Training and Development Award.

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  • Low Oil Prices Aren’t Always Good News

    Back in April 2017 the price of crude oil fell by 50%, reducing many business and transportation costs; good news for oil importers and consumers but a falling oil price is bad news for oil exporters and those companies in the supply chain.

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  • Nuclear Decommissioning Supply Chain Is A Slow Burn For SMEs

    According to International Energy Agency data, nuclear is now the largest low-carbon power source in both Europe and the United States, about three times bigger than wind and solar combined, but since most reactors were built in the 1970s and 1980s, they will reach the end of their life by 2020. This represents a key driver for investment in new nuclear power plants, but is also a ready market for companies wishing to become involved in the nuclear decommissioning sector.

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  • Strata’s Fluor Pilot Plant Is Open For Business

    Designed to give chemical engineering students at the University of Surrey real-world manufacturing experience, the Strata designed and built pilot plant which was funded with a US$300,000 donation from Fluor Corporation’s philanthropic foundation, was officially opened in December 2017.

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  • Strata at NDA Supply Chain Event 2017

    The annual NDA Estate Supply Chain Event is organised by the industry for the industry and, with a particular focus on SMEs, its aim is to attract new businesses into the nuclear decommissioning sector.

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  • Strata at Society of Core Analysts Annual Symposium 2017

    The 31st SCA Annual Symposium took place in the wonderful city of Vienna at the Hofburg Palace. A four-day technical program plus 30 resident exhibitors were enjoyed by the many visitors, along with a gala dinner cruise on the river Danube.

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  • Strata Technology Shares Best Practice Alongside Prime Minister Theresa May In The Parliamentary Review

    Strata Technology is delighted to have been invited to appear alongside Prime Minister Theresa May in the 2016/17 Parliamentary Review, an annual publication that showcases ‘best practice’ and demonstrates how sector leaders have responded to challenges in the political and economic environment.

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  • Strata Achieves New HSE Standards

    Strata has been working with Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), a world leading provider of independent assessment services, to attain two new HSE standards which are key to its work within the nuclear sector.

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