About Us

As one of the UK’s leading specialist engineering companies, Strata Technology designs, manufactures, commissions, inspects and maintains bespoke laboratory equipment, skid mounted rigs and pilot plants in the petroleum, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, subsea and water treatment industries, to name but a few, along with working with many of the world’s leading universities.

Strata’s highly qualified and multi-disciplinary project teams of electrical, mechanical, chemical and process engineers work alongside skilled mechanical and electrical technicians to provide its customers with innovative and cost-effective installations for the generation of reliable test data or the manufacture of products, typically in a process-engineering environment.

The company also offers problem-solving consultancy services, including feasibility studies and project evaluation and inspection services to advise on statutory requirements and carry out preventative maintenance examinations and certification of plant and equipment for health, safety and environmental assurance.

The company is accredited under ISO 9001:2015 for quality management and ISO 17020:2012 for inspection services and is currently working towards the adoption of ISO14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 quality standards along with Fit for Nuclear (F4N).

Strata designs and builds pilot plants and bespoke equipment. Our experienced team of Process, Electrical and Mechanical engineers work with you to deliver precision engineered rigs, assembled by our in-house craftsmen. Strata specialises in innovative solutions to unusual or challenging requirements that cannot be met through use of off-the-shelf equipment.

Rob Courtney, Process Engineer, Strata Technology