Distillation Columns

Distillation Columns

Laboratory Batch Distillation Plant

Our batch laboratory distillation plant is designed to carry out laboratory experiments, process development and process scale up studies. The plant is manufactured from borosilicate glass. The feed vessel is mounted in a heated bath and fitted with a condenser and a condensate receiver.

The plant is suitable for operating at atmospheric pressure and under full vacuum.

The made to order unit is available in the following sizes:

Unit Ref. Vessel Size
Vapour Line Size Bath Capacity
Condenser Size
STBDS-020 20 L 80 DN 4.5 0.35
STBDS-050 50 L 100 DN 6.0 0.50
STBDS-100  100 L 150 DN 9.0 1.50
STBDS-200 200 L 150 DN 12.0 1.50
STBDS-300 300 L 225 DN 16.0 2.50

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