In addition to the bespoke services Strata offers in taking ideas and turning them into reality, Strata’s team of highly trained and skilled designers, engineers and technicians have developed a number of standard products which can be purchased either as part of our bespoke service or independently for integration into your existing setup.

Strata has also worked in conjunction with universities such as Cambridge and Nottingham to take research concepts and develop them into commercially viable products, which will allow other universities and commercially supported researchers to take advantage and progress their own research at a much faster rate, without needing to reinvent the wheel or risk infringing intellectual property.

If you are developing or already have a product concept and are looking for a partner to help with the commercialisation phase then please get in touch with us. We can help you get your product to launch, provide you with manufacturing capability and offer on-going support and technical assistance.

Composite Core Holders Piston Vessels Rocking Hydrates Unit
Quizix Pumps DCP50 Gas Cylinder Hot Tap Drill
Hydropyrolysis (HyPy) Rig Multi-Pass Rheometer (MPR)