Core Analysis



Two Phase Miscible Core Flooding System (MCFS)

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is an increasingly important aspect of oil field reservoir management, especially as existing fields mature.

Every additional percentage of recovery can add tremendous value to a producing field.  This system is designed to perform various miscible flooding tests to evaluate the oil recovery efficiency of water or other fluid injection at reservoir conditions.


  • Carry out steady/unsteady state two phase relative permeability tests at reservoir conditions
  • Perform core flood studies including miscible flood tests
  • Perform water/oil and gas/oil relative permeability tests

Key Features

  • Multiple fluid delivery system
  • Operating at down hole reservoir conditions
  • Accurate temperature measurement with real time data logging
  • High accuracy dual cylinder fluid pump
  • Integrated heating and cooling circuits
  • Over-temperature and over-pressure safety features
  • Configurable data logging
  • Corrosion resistant materials


The Miscible Flow System (MFS) consists of the fluids pumps, piston transfer cells, optional automatic and/or manual valves for directing flow, differential pressure system, acoustic separator, core holder to accommodate 1.5” diameter cores (with option of rotating core holder frame to put the core holder in the vertical or the horizontal position), visual cell, and digital back pressure regulator.